4 Canadian Immigration Steps for Express Entry

November 24, 2018 0

Whilst immigration lawyers can help you with immigration procedures, you still need to understand the steps of immigrating to Canada. The following information can be used to assist you in immigrating successfully no matter where you call your country of residence. Usually, express entry is recommended for skilled workers seeking a permanent residence in the country.

1. Find Out First If You Are Eligible

To immigrate to Canada via Express Entry, you first need to find out if you meet the minimum requirements. To determine if you are an eligible candidate, you will need to answer questions about your nationality, age, family members, language, education, and work experience. You will also need to provide details on any work offer you have received in Canada.

When you answer these questions, you will be notified what immigration programmes can qualify you in this respect. If you do qualify for Express Entry, you will be given detailed directions on how to proceed. You will need to go over these instructions with immigration lawyers and experts in the immigration field.

2. Prepare Your Paperwork

You will next need to prepare the paperwork needed for Express Entry if you find that you can immigrate using this method. To go forward, you will need to gather certain documents for your profile and application for residence. The documents needed for the profile include a passport, language test results, education credential assessment report, written job offer from a Canadian employer, and a provincial nomination if you possess one. Again, a lawyer can serve as your advocate and advisor in this regard.

You will also need to gather and upload the following documents to attach to your application for permanent residence in Canada: police certificates, medical exams, and proof of funds. For more information, please check out the Bellissimo Law Group website.

3. Submit Your Profile

Once you have the required paperwork, you can easily submit your profile. This part of the immigration process enables you to provide detailed information about yourself to the government. Immigrants are rated in the Express Entry pool by a point system. The score you achieve is based on the profile information. You can check your score online when going through this part of the process.

4. Wait to Receive an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Resident Status

After you have taken the above steps, you will need to wait to receive an invitation from the Canadian government. The score from your profile is important as this indicates where you place in the pool. If you are invited, you have 60 days to submit an application for permanent residence. The completed application will be processed in about six months.