4 Proper Methods of Industrial Waste Disposal

February 16, 2018 0

Every year, over 7.2 megatons (MT) of industrial hazardous waste is generated in the country. In addition to this, 1.5 MT of plastic waste, 4 lakh tonnes of electronic waste, 48 MT of municipal waste, and 1.7 MT of medical waste get generated as well. Simply put, India is generating a massive amount of waste, the highest amount to be more precise but then the country lacks a functional industrial wastewater treatment. The country is in a crisis of how it can properly dispose of all the waste in the land. If left unchecked, then India will be the highest waste producing country in the world. You may still be in the process of taking all this new information in, but the country is already taking measures to try and curb the issue before it gets out of hand. You need to know that the solution starts with you as an individual and as a business.

The country has no option but to look for a way on how to handle the situation at hand. It has made steps to urge business owners, and especially industrial owners, to be more responsible for the manner in which they dump their waste materials. However, tough as it may be, efficient disposal of waste materials in the country is not impossible to achieve. This blog is to try and make you aware of some of the most efficient ways that you can dispose of waste responsibly. It is the responsibility of every business to go through the available industrial wastewater treatment methods, and pick the wastewater treatment systems, which best serves to dispose their waste materials properly.

  1. Landfill

The landfill method is one of the most common ways used to dispose of waste by wastewater treatment companies. The method is prevalent, and most businesses favor it. Here, waste is buried under the ground. The process is quite long as you have to separate the waste materials that can be recycled from the non-degradable ones. You have to do the same with wastes that produce odor from the ones that do not. Then you have to dig a hole and ensure that all the waste materials get disposed of properly.

  1. Segregation

Some materials that you may use from time to time can take a lot of time to decompose. Materials like plastics, building materials, and glass usually takes a lot of years before they decompose in the ground. It is vital that you separate these materials from the ones that decompose quickly and efficiently. For this reason, we try to make sure you know exactly how to dispose of these types of waste materials. For such waste materials, we advise that you maintain green practices and try using such kind of waste products using the segregation process.

  1. Recycling

Some of the waste materials that we have can be recycled and recovered for use. The method is useful when your approach is not towards the disposal of such waste materials. It is usually aimed towards making undesirable waste products be of other uses. The method is very efficient, especially towards helping the country to curb the waste products menace. Recycling of waste materials is also important as it helps to attain a positive environmental future in the country.

  1. Composting

This waste management method is also effective. Composting is mostly used on organic waste materials. Composting is a beneficial way of disposing of organic waste materials as these waste products can be used to feed plants. It is an environmentally friendly method of handling waste materials as it enables you to turn organic waste products into compost that is safe to use to feed plants.