4 Things You Didn’t Know About Stretch Film

November 20, 2017 0

Stretch film or max film is a material that can be used for a variety of uses from commercial to residential. However, few people are aware of the features and applications of this elastic, versatile and puncture resistant wonder material. Here are uses you should know about.

Gift basket
1. You Can Use Stretch Film in Your Home

Many are aware of the industrial applications of stretch wrap but have no idea that it has a broad range of use in the home too. You can use stretch wrap to pack food in order to preserve freshness. While regular cling wrap is the normal wrap of choice in the kitchen, most brands tear easily leaving your food exposed. If you want to preserve your fruits, then wrap them tightly with stretch wrap and see how long they will last. You can either put them in the fridge or leave them on the counter once you are done wrapping them. Aside from wrapping food, you can also use stretch wrap to wrap gifts. Be as creative as your mind allows and see how impressed your loved ones are by your gift-wrapping skills this holiday season. Here are some other great gift wrapping ideas.

Wood building
2. Stretch Film Can be Used in Buildings

You couldn’t possibly think that stretch wrap could be used to wrap a bundle of pallet wood and a building at the same time, but it can. Natural disasters and fires occur frequently. If a building has suffered such, then it might not be safe for the public and will have to be roped off. Enter the adaptable stretch wrap. It can be used to wrap around entire buildings and entryways. It is puncture resistant, which means it will be hard for trouble makers to get past. It also has a high degree of elasticity and comes in different thicknesses. This makes it applicable to different uses. When using it for industrial and heavy duty purposes like wrapping boats, cars, and buildings, choose the thickest and strongest versions.

Water proof
3. It is Puncture Resistant and Water Proof

Stretch wrap is made out of low density polyethylene, which is a very stretchy material. Everything you need to know about polyethylene can be found here.This is where it gets its puncture resistance. The more elastic a piece of stretch wrap is, the more puncture resistant it is. Apart from this, the material is also resistant to water. This means you do not have to worry about transporting your items when they are wrapped in a max film because they will not get wet.

UV Protection
4. UV Stretch Wraps

Not only do stretch wraps protect against water and tampering, but they also protect against the sun. You will have to purchase wrap that offers sun protection to benefit from this feature.

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