4 Types of Canadian Immigration

December 9, 2018 0

Canada is proud to stand as one of the great bastions of diversity, democracy, and multiculturalism. For as much as humility is a stereotypical part of the Canadian character, we have a right to be proud of our reputation for being a friendly, welcoming haven for immigrants from around the world. The 2016 census, as reported by the CBC, showed that slightly more than 1/5th of Canadians are immigrants. Asian countries, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, and Africa all contribute significant numbers of immigrants to that number. If you are an immigrant from those regions, or anywhere else, here are a few ways in which compassionate immigration lawyers can be of assistance.

1. Family Immigration

The most difficult and heart wrenching part of some immigrants’ stories is how they were forced to leave their families behind as they left their homeland in search of salvation and a better life. Everything from war to famine to economic depression can and has led to such incidents in the past, and those factors are very much at play today. One of the chief tasks posed to immigration attorneys, therefore, is finding ways for not just one person to become admitted to the country legally via the immigration process, but to likewise allow their family to join them once this has been achieved. It’s hard work – but it’s the type of work that inspires people to become immigration lawyers in the first place. The best immigration law firms across Canada are dedicated to helping reunite families through the immigration process. With many of Canada’s immigrants coming to Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia, these provinces are home to some of the most renowned family unification law firms for immigrants in the nation.

2. Spousal Immigration

Close behind family immigration, reuniting spouses separated by international strife is one of the chief goods immigration attorneys can do. There are certain requirements that you’ll need to meet to prove that you and your spouse need to be reunited, and your immigration legal advisers can help give you insight into how you can meet that. They will work with you hand in glove to fill out the necessary paperwork and fight for your right to be reunited with your better half in Canada. You may find more information at Bellissimo Law Group and their online resources.

3. LGBT Immigration

Canada is a proud supporter of LGBT rights, and is proud to welcome members of the LGBT community immigrating to the country to escape persecution elsewhere. If this is the case with you, immigration experts who specialize in such cases will be happy to help.

4. Refugee Immigration

Needless to say, refugee immigration is one of the hottest topics not just in Canada but throughout the world today. With crises raging in nations such as Syria and throughout the Middle East, it is vital that refugees receive the assistance that they require. The path to getting admitted into Canada as a refugee can be a long and hard one, and the best immigration attorneys in the Great White North are proud to be able to Stand on Guard for refugees when they need that legal and humanitarian aid most.

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