4 Ways You Can Use Field Service Management Software

August 9, 2018 0

Field management software (FSM) can be used by companies in various ways. Therefore, this software proves to be practical for most businesses. Not only can you keep track of your employees through GPS devices but you can manage your fleet and respond to customer inquiries more easily. If you want to ensure employee performance, this is the way to do it. Learn more about how this software can benefit you by reviewing the following ways that it can be used.

1. Track Employee Whereabouts

One of the ways that you can use FSM products is to track your employee whereabouts. This can be integrated with scheduling work or dispatching technicians. This makes is possible for a customer service representative to locate an employee so that he or she can determine where to dispatch that employee or schedule a work assignment. By taking advantage of this type of field management software, a business can increase its workforce capabilities. Some software programs feature photo and video features that permit you to share media so all employees can better understand their tasks.

2. Manage Your Fleet

If you are an SME, you will find that FSM programs can assist you in managing your fleet. This type of FSM product is usually provided as software-as-a-service option, or SaaS. This software product enables you to efficiently manage your fleet and increase the productivity of your mobile workers. This is achieved by obtaining business intelligence data from driver behavioral information and real-time vehicle data.

3. Manage Customer Inquiries

You can also use a FSM program to track your customer queries. These queries may include requests for technical support, managing parts, and handling requests. This type of software program is compatible with mobile devices, which allows your staff to use tablets or smartphones to monitor their tasks. Functions such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) are provided too. This type of FSM is an excellent resource planning aid.

4. Stay on Top of Your Team’s Service Management

Another way to use FSM products is to simplify field operations. This can be done by unifying your ticket management and field service management tasks. That way, you can better stay apprised of your team’s tasks and schedules. A central dashboard gives you clear insight into the tasks of each team member and his or her location. That way, you can quickly respond to customer requests based on the locations of members of your team.