5 Ways To Decorate Around A Flat Screen TV

June 21, 2018 0

“Can I add a few decorations around my flat screen TV? Won’t it be a little weird”? Many people ask themselves these kind of questions. The truth is that you can actually decorate all around your flat screen TV to give it a little appeal. You don’t want a plain and dull view around that area now, do you? You can employ the services of interior painting Toronto experts to get the best direction. Below are 5 ways to decorate around a flat screen TV.

1. Mixing Things Up

Your TV doesn’t have to be the only thing on your wall. You can add a few pieces which corresponds with the theme of your room. You can add them above the TV, beneath or on the sides. If you don’t feel comfortable adding any piece, you can always paint the wall. You should however go for dramatic colors to help make the place even more visible. Wallpapers can also come in handy. You can add some on the wall around your TV.

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2. Be Experimental And Creative

You may want to try out different things. Most people surround their TVs with art but you may choose to do something else. You might come up with different shapes which make your room more spectacular. You can always come up with unique ideas and create your own little heaven.

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3. Try Being Bold

Normally when we turn off our TVs, the room becomes dull and the TV looks like a big black rectangular box fit on the wall. How can you change this? You can add art that is already present in the room so that your TV becomes part of it and not just a boring feature on the wall. This will always give life to the space around the TV making your room even more pleasant.

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4. Create A Focal Point

Most of us have black entertainment units in our homes. You might think that it’s a little bit tricky to make them stylish. Don’t worry. Instead of removing them or placing them in other rooms, you can always add a bit of color to the cabinet containing them. You can add things such as flower vases,candle holders and other favorites. You should however make sure you maintain neutral shades of beige and white to make the focal point stand out even more. Your TV area will automatically look peaceful but very stylish.

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5. Add Light Sources

Additional light sources always give your room a conspicuous appeal. It helps keep the corners nice and cozy especially at night when the TV is off. Additional lights such as astonishing lampshades gives the room an even equilibrium of lighting. This looks much more graceful even when you TV is not in use. There is a lot that can be done around your flat screen TV. It’s up to you to choose the style that fits you perfectly.

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