5 Ways to Prepare for Roofing Work

July 1, 2018 0

So your roof needs some help – call in the pros. Depending on the severity of the work taking place, you may have more or fewer preparations to do. Although you can likely expect to do a bit more prep work for larger jobs, and a little less for smaller, quicker jobs, you will always have some preparations to take care of before the roofers arrive. It ensures the safety of your items, your family, and the roofers, and it will help the roofers to do a better job.

Here are a few basic preparations to get you started:

1. Clean the yard

The roofers you hire will need to be able to easily access your roof. They may need to put things on your lawn or on your driveway. Alternatively (to save your lawn and driveway) they may put their things on the street out front and need to easily move back and forth between the roof and the place where they are keeping their equipment. Regardless of the way the roofers choose to set up their workspace, having a clear yard and space for them to access your roof will allow the roofers to do their job more easily. In this step you should also move away from your home all vehicles, gazebos, or any other items that you don’t want to get damaged.

2. Ask the right questions

Find out exactly what they will be doing, what they need from you, and how long it will take. Find out where they put their equipment at the end of the day, if the project is going to take longer than one day. You can also ask the roofers what preparations you should do, it will help ensure you don’t miss anything before they arrive. Asking the roofers questions about the roofing project will help you better prepare for the work they will be doing and will allow you to lessen the impact and inconvenience their presence will have on your everyday life and on your family.

3. Make necessary arrangements

Depending on the intensity of the work the roofers Toronto will be doing, you may need to make temporary relocation arrangements for your pets, children, or your entire family. You may need to remove items from the attic or uppermost floor of your home. The arrangements you need to make will differ depending on the service you are receiving but be sure you make the necessary arrangements before the roofers arrive to avoid unnecessary delays, hazards, injuries, and inconveniences.

4. Warn your neighbours

Also depending on the intensity of the work being done, you may just want to let your neighbours know that there could be some extra noise going on in the area. Another reason to let your neighbours know about the roofers is to let them know that you’ve hired a trustworthy company. It can help ease any fears of there being strangers in the area, especially if the workers will be completing work while you’re not at home. Letting your neighbours know is simply a courtesy they will likely appreciate.

5. Provide access to power

To be able to use the up-to-date tools needed to properly complete the job, the roofers will likely need access to a source of power. Most roofers request that in preparation for their arrival you ensure that there is an outdoor power source available, and that it is in good working order. Upon their arrival you will have to show them where the power source is located. If an external power source is not available, you will need to prepare one for your roofers by running an extension cord from an inside power source.