6 Benefits to Installing a Flexographic Sleeve Storage System

August 12, 2018 0

It is agreeable that flexographic printing brings convenience and efficiency in printing operations. To ensure the system runs optimally, storage of printing sleeves is a consideration worth evaluating. Here are six benefits of flexographic sleeve storage that reinforce their value.

1. Guaranteed Safety of the Printing Sleeves

Most flexographic sleeve storage units store sleeves in a vertical position. In doing this, printing sleeves retain their original shape for longer. It further allows for the sleeves to be placed in a correct position on the printing press. This ensures that the integrity of the printing surface is maintained, and with it, the quality of your products.

2. Efficient Use of Space

Flexographic storage systems occupy limited space. Their vertical storage structure allows for more sleeves to be packed within a small area. Additionally, the flexographic sleeve storage systems can be customized to fit within the available space in your establishment.

3. Easy and Fast Retrieval of Sleeves

Non-automated sleeve storage systems are fitted with labeled and movable racks. This, therefore, makes retrieving and returning of the sleeves much easier. You can opt for an upgrade and use the automated sleeve storage systems. They are much faster and require minimal manual input in the storage and retrieval of the sleeves.

4. Expandable Sleeve Storage Space

Several business owners get concerned about the system’s ability to handle more sleeves as the establishment grows. This issue is well addressed within the Flexographic storage systems. The units have flex stands that can be expanded to allow for more sleeves. The vertical storage method provides for storage of more sleeves compared to the traditional means. The outdated methods stacked sleeves horizontally. The sheer weight of the sleeves coupled with gravity, left the sleeves severely damaged. This was corrected with the flexographic storage systems in use today. Thus the sleeves maintain their structural integrity over time.

5. Assured Durability of the Sleeve Storage Units

Sleeve storage structures are made of steel. The units are, therefore, sturdy and last for years. The properties of steel also play a significant role. Steel is resistant to the effects of rust, wear, and tear. Steel’s lightweight property ensures modification and transportation of the units can be done without much hustle.

6. Ease of Assembly, Installation, and Maintenance

Most flexographic storage designs have few, less complicated parts. They include the structure’s steel frames, scrub carts, sleeve carts, ink carts, and air shaft carts. Less complicated parts allow for the system’s installation to be done in record time and effortlessly. The designs finish allows for simple cleaning.

Flexographic printing sleeves are an essential production item when it comes to printing. Their value reinforces the need for an investment in their storage system all the more important. Flexographic sleeve storage systems are, therefore, a necessary investment to consider.