6 Features You Want for Your Real Estate CRM

January 6, 2019 0

CRM software helps you stay sharp, informed, and useful in a world where your customers may be just as knowledgeable as you are, thanks to social media and the online access to information. Whether you want a real estate CRM to organize your information, simplify your busy days, or help you provide a better service to customers, you want to make sure that you get the right stuff.

1. Automated Lead Management

Being a realtor can be extremely task-heavy and CRMs these days have plenty of features that will help you reduce your workload and increase productivity. Some CRMs can automatically gather and organize certain information about your leads, potentially saving you hours of data entry. For additional information, visit IXACT Real Estate CRM and learn from their available resources.

2. Automated Follow-ups

Following up with contacts can be time-consuming but if you value this aspect of your business, it can help to get a CRM that makes things easier. One thing that you will be able to do is create email templates that can also be personalized. This way, you spend less time creating the email and are able to respond to contacts with a personalized message.

3. Touch-Point Tracking

Without a real estate CRM, leads and contacts can get overwhelming and disorganized, especially if you don’t have an efficient organization system. CRMs have touch-point tracking systems that keep track of your relationships with your contacts. Emails, calls, meetings, and other forms of contact or all organized so that can quickly remind yourself where you stand with certain clients and how you have contacted them.

4. Reminders and Notifications

The last thing that you want to do is forget to follow up with a client or contact a potential lead so notifications and reminders will help you. Whether these are automatic or manually set, these will ensure that you don’t forget about important contacts and your CRM will make it easy to respond immediately and quickly.

5. Third-Party Integrations

A good CRM software will be able to integrate third-party tools to help you have as many things as possible in one convenient location. With this feature, you can integrate tools that you are already using into your CRM, giving you quicker access and greater capabilities.

6. Uploading of Existing Info

If you are switching to a CRM, you might already have a lot of information stored in your current system. A good CRM will make it easy to transfer this information into your new CRM software, making the transition simple and efficient.