6 Key Features of an Excellent Field Management Software

September 9, 2018 0

Field service management is utilized in a variety of industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, HVAC, and property maintenance, among others. A solid field management software makes it easy to manage company resources and monitor employee work status, installations, productivity, and if you are looking to implement a software, the following are some of the key features to look for.

1. Work Management

Part of the attraction to field service management software is its ability to aid in customer service tasks. You can create, delete, and reassign work orders and create them quickly online without using paper. You can speed up service delivery by quickly responding to customer requests and dispatching a technician, overall having greater control over both incoming work and work that’s in progress.

2. Scheduling

You can dispatch technicians quickly and with greater accuracy with a solid software, and it’s often as easy as dragging and dropping onto a calendar. Work orders can be organized by severity, and you can dispatch the techs who are the closest, the least busy, or the most skilled for the job. You can easily arrange future orders way ahead of time and send alerts to techs to let them know.

3. Mobile App

It’s important that you can perform all or most of your tasks on an application, and you can find the field management software that offers a full-featured mobile app for you and your technicians. This will speed up processes, lower your costs, and ultimately increase service revenue while also providing greater communication between your techs.

4. Contract Management

For a lot of businesses, service contracts and maintenance agreements are extremely important, and your software will give you greater control over these aspects of business. You will be able to track contracts, organize billing cycles, and keep track of warranties, all of which aim to keep track of and strengthen customer relationships.

5. Monitor Third-Party Vendors

If you work with subcontractors, you can use your FSM software to monitor their activity. You will be able to manage quotes, work orders, and pricing, but you can also automate subcontractor assignments and work dispatching. More importantly, you will be able to offer your subcontractors the same capabilities as your personal techs so that they can provide the same level of service.

6. Quoting Systems

An FSM software makes it possible for your technicians to quote customers onsite and immediately turn that into a work order, which greatly improves productivity and reduces downtime. Instead of creating additional quotes for additional work, they can easily tack on the work to the original quote and return to the task without much disruption.