6 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

January 9, 2019 0

While there is no law requiring you to hire an immigration lawyer, having one by your side can be extremely useful. Whether you are trying to get a visa or are trying to live and work in Canada, the immigration process can be fairly confusing. At the very least, immigration lawyers will help you navigate a complex system but they can also increase your chances of being accepted. The following are some other reasons why it might be wise to hire a lawyer.

1. Lawyers Aren’t the Same as Consultants

Immigration consultants may be perfectly helpful but it would be a mistake to compare them to lawyers, who have far more training.

The primary difference between the two professionals is education. Unlike consultants, lawyers have to complete schooling for a law degree and typically need put in some time with a law firm before obtaining their licences. The Canadian Bar Association also provides members with resources to help lawyers stay up to date on information and sharp with their skills.

2. Your Situation Isn’t Straightforward

Being in a complicated situation is a good reason to hire a lawyer, especially if you aren’t sure of your options. Lawyers are able to take on unique and complex immigration cases and find solutions to difficult or uncommon issues. Immigration lawyers are expert problem solvers and if you feel stuck or unsure, it’s often wise to consult with one.

3. You Are Reapplying

If you are reapplying after your previous immigration application was refused, you might want to think about getting a lawyer. Reapplying is difficult as it is and your chances of an approval might be slim. A lawyer will help you avoid mistakes you made last time or develop a stronger argument.

4. Mistakes Can Be Costly

Mistakes made during the immigration process can set you back timewise and even financially but with a lawyer, you are less likely to have a bad experience. Whether it’s a matter of keeping up with paperwork and deadlines or solving complex issues, your lawyers are trained to keep things organized and make sure that you do everything according to current rules and expectations. For more information, the resources at Bellissimo Law Group may be helpful to you.

5. It May Be Cheaper Than You Think

One of the biggest reasons why people avoid working with lawyers is the cost but when you are looking in the right place, you can often find affordable rates. The right lawyers will also be compassionate, dedicated, and committed to doing their best to get you the results you want without offering false promises.

6. Increase Your Chances of Success

While lawyers don’t have any direct behind-the-scenes influence on your case, they may still be able to improve your chances of success. In addition to helping you avoid mistakes, they will also make sure that your file is treated properly and that your rights are never violated at any point. Should there be an issue with how things are handled, your lawyer will be in the position to litigate.