6 Reasons to Switch to Flexographic Printing

September 1, 2018 0

Maintaining a flexographic sleeve storage that contains the plates you need to print your labeling on packages is one of the most cost-efficient ways to reduce your annual printing costs. Below are six if the best reasons to consider switching to flexographic printing for all your packaging materials.

1. Fast-Drying Ink Makes It Perfect for Inexpensive Cellophane Packaging

Prior to the development of flexographic printing, the ability to apply ink to thin cellophane packaging was not possible. It has created a relatively inexpensive way to package products that create the desired seal for quality and perfect medium to accept the fast-drying ink used by flexographic printers. You will find many companies that manufacture food items successfully using this process on a regular basis.

2. Great Results On Porous and Non-Porous Mediums

Flexographic plates allow more flexibility in printing on numerous mediums. Other methods of printing require a medium that is porous for the best results. Flexographic allows you to print and get clear results on surfaces that would otherwise be considered impossible.

3. High-Volume Printing Solution

You can have all of your flexographic printing done in high volume with little effort. It’s the perfect printing solution for companies that are manufacturing and packaging a ton of products. You can remove the plate and swap for the desired one out of the flexographic sleeve storage unit.

4. Flexible Printing Options

The durability and ability for flexographic plates to do long runs of printing at one time, combined with the easy switching of plates makes it one of the most flexible printing options for high-volume needs. You can increase output by a much larger margin than many other printing methods.

5. You Can Use a Wide Spectrum of Inks

One highly regarded feature of flexographic printing is the use of a variety of quick-dry inks. You can pick and choose between water-based, UV curable, and solvent, which are all considered fast-drying. It provides another form of flexibility in seeking inks when one particular kind is unavailable at the moment.

6. Low-Cost Results

Being able to print in such high volume brings the overall printing cost to a lower level than any other method. The initial outlay of money to create the flexographic plates can be high, but spreading the cost out over the entire use makes it a meager figure, ultimately.

Installing flexographic printing capabilities into your packaging process is a brilliant way to reduce printing costs. The results are outstanding and allow you ultimate control in package preparation.