Four Instances When You Should Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

August 5, 2018 0

Homeowners commonly request the professional assistance of licensed roofers when severe damage is visible. These are instances when the roof clearly needs repair work completed. Roofers also offer inspections upon request, and these inspections may tell you more about the current condition of the roof as well as any recommendations for service. Keep in mind that regular roof maintenance may deter some repair issues. In addition, completing minor repair tasks as needed may help you to avoid dealing with severe damage in the future. These are some of the instances when it makes sense to schedule a roofing inspection.

1. Annually in the Spring or Fall

Both summer and winter months can be brutal on a roof. After all, the roof takes the brunt of strong winds, snow and ice, heavy rains, intense solar heating, damaging UV rays and more. Reputable roofing companies usually recommend an annual roof inspection, and a good time for this inspection is after a cold or hot weather period has passed.

2. After a Major Storm

While an annual roofing inspection is a great idea, there are instances when another inspection is needed during the year. For example, when a strong storm has passed through the area, hail, winds and more may have damaged the roof. It is not feasible to inspect the entire roof structure from the ground. The experienced eye of a roofer is required to determine if the storm has damaged the roof in any areas.

3. When You Notice Signs of Damage

While you may not be able to see some signs of damage from the ground, there are some signs that are noticeable. For example, after even a light rain shower, you may notice asphalt roof granules on the ground around your home. This is a sign that the shingles are failing. You may also notice shingles laying on the ground, or you may see that the shingles on the roof no longer lay flat. A roofing contractor can inspect the roof to determine the proper steps necessary to repair the damage.

4. Before You List Your Home for Sale

Because the roof is such an essential structure on the home, many buyers will pay close attention to the roof’s condition and age. By scheduling a roof inspection and providing the report to the buyers, you can use the stellar condition of your home’s roof as a selling point. If the inspection details damaged areas, you can be proactive and repair the damage before listing the home for sale.

While scheduling repair services from licensed Toronto roofers is essential when damage is obvious, you can see that requesting inspections from time to time is also important. If your roof has not been inspected recently, now may be a great time to schedule an appointment.