Interesting Facts about Electric Bikes

June 29, 2017 0

With electric bikes being the preferred mode of transport for many of us, e-bikes are today one of the most popular commodities offered by the cycling industry. Compared to regular bikes, e-bike riders can get much further with less energy. As a result, cycling is considered the most viable alternative to cars by many. Even so, there are many interesting facts about this green mode of transportation that most of us don’t know.

Conversion rates
Compared to those who purchase an e-bike from scratch, more people convert a standard regular bike to an electric bike. About 52 percent of electric bike users turned a regular bike into an e-bike by adding a battery and motor, whereas 48 percent bought an e-bike. Most users chose to convert a mountain bike. However, around 13 percent went for a cargo bike or Xtracycle. It is true that most of us expected a lower ratio of conversions, which is what makes it interesting. Although US citizens tend to make a project out of many things, the statistics on e-bike conversion might be a sign that electric bikes are still in the adopter stage here. According to experts, the ratio is expected to go lower for conversions over time, which isn’t necessarily bad news.

Conversion cost
Statistics also show that electric bike conversions are often but not always the cheaper option when compared to direct purchases. Users completed 46 percent of electric bike purchases and 70 percent of e-bike conversions for $1500 or less.

Hyper-green transportation
Our need to replace car trips remains the most common reason for going electric. Health, fitness, and comfort are some of the others reasons why many people are taking up e-bikes. E-bike trips seem particularly good at replacing car trips. In fact, car trip replacement is the greenest e-bike application possible. While green transport might not always be a practical solution for rural areas, it should be encouraged in dense cities. Electric bikes make it a lot easier to achieve.

Lifestyle changes
Statistics again show that e bikes may have turned many people into daily riders. Approximately 55 percent of electric bike users rode their regular bikes on a daily or weekly basis before they bought an e-bike. After the purchase, daily or weekly biking rose to 93 percent. Additionally, even the six percent who had not ridden a bike as adults began riding on a weekly or daily basis after purchase. For those of you interested, there is more information available at Scooteretti.

When it comes to e bikes, weight remains the biggest complaint. In fact, as much as 26 percent of the respondents consider it the main downside. Because some e-bikes are a lot lighter than others, you should take a closer look at the specifications of each model if weight is a major factor to you.