Landscaping Books You Need To Read

June 10, 2018 0

As a landscape architect or just an ordinary individual who has an interest in landscaping, there are recommended books that may help. These books have been written by professionals who have mastered the art of landscaping over time. Every individual, however, should equip themselves with some knowledge of the art because it may come in handy at some point. You do not have to be a landscape architect such as the Royal Decks Lanscaping experts to have an affinity for the profession. It is essential to read some books that will give you an insight on the topic. Below are some of the best landscaping books that you should read.

1. Lawn Gone

This is a book written by Pam Penick. It is a book that explains to individuals how they can turn their lawns into beautiful landscapes. It also shows how these landscapes can be transformed into landscapes that require less care and water. Sometimes, taking care of your lawn can be cumbersome due to the regular maintenance it needs. However, this book shows how you can be relieved of this burden. In addition to this, it covers various types of grasses, plants that are drought tolerant and even artificial plants for individuals who want to go that route.

2. Edible Landscaping

The book is written by Rosalind Creasy. This book covers beyond landscaping techniques as it also shows how you can landscape with edible plants. This is a double treat because it not only educates you on how to beautify your yard but also how to eat it. The author has accumulated that will sure help, so you better get your hands on this book.

3. The Living Landscape

This is a book written by Rick Darke and Doug Tallamy. The book is an excellent guide to how individuals can achieve a beautiful landscape that does not rely on the lawn. In addition to this, the open space available can be used by both children and adults. Many illustrations make the book an exciting piece of art.

4. Paradise Planned

In this book, Robert A.M. Stern explains the history of the suburban garden from the 1800s till today. It is a fascinating read because he describes the history of landscaping which has been subject to curiosity for many. If you are a gardener or city planner, this is a book you will enjoy.

5. Landscape Architecture

This is most suitable for individuals who are pursuing a career in the field because it has in-depth information. It has more than what am individual reading it as a hobby needs. Topics that are in this book include design principles, digital techniques and how a landscape can be managed. If you have interest in the field, this book is recommended.