Moving Etiquette Everyone Needs to Know

May 7, 2018 0

The moving process can be such a daunting and tiresome experience that most of the time you fail to even notice some of the few etiquette things you need to be doing in the process. It’s not just about the move or the correct movers Vancouver. In fact, it’s usually more than that and when you sit back and think about it, you will notice that there is so much more you need to be doing during the process aside from the packing and loading processes. This article tries to discuss with you some of the best moving etiquettes you need to apply so as to ensure that the whole moving process is smooth as well.

  1. Inform your current neighbors that you are moving

It is best that your current neighbors know that you are moving soon and know the moving day as well. The reason for doing this is so that they also prepare themselves adequately for the move. Nobody wants to come out of their house heading to work only to find a big truck in the driveway causing a commotion with no idea of what is happening just because you never informed anyone that you were moving. Avoid overlapping while parking the moving truck to your neighbor’s walkways and driveways. Your neighbors still need to be able to access the road.

  1. Know the parking situation before the moving day

You need to talk to and agree with the appropriate person on where the moving truck can park beforehand when moving to a new home. You will be moving to a new environment and don’t really know where to park the moving truck or any other thing for that matter. Liaise with the appropriate person where you can park so as to not cause any unnecessary commotion on your first day in your new place.

  1. Make the day smooth and easy for the movers

Pack everything early enough and keep everything properly labeled and ready for the move before the movers arrive. The whole moving process and the day will run a whole lot smoother if you have it easy for the movers as well.

  1. Provide beverages for the movers

The whole moving process can be a tiresome task even to the movers. What with all the heavy items they need to carefully carry and load into the moving truck and carefully unload and unpack at your new home. They’re also human and get fatigued. Has a resting break and offer the movers beverages and drinks to re-energize them. They will definitely appreciate it.

  1. Consider your new neighbors

After you have moved to your new digs, you will not want to be looking into how you can start making enemies especially with your neighbors on day one. Make a good first impression with your neighbors if you want to have a smooth sailing all the way as you live side by side of one another.

  1. Be friendly

Act polite and friendly towards the movers. This will make the moving process and day much more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone. Ensure you are friendly to your new neighbors as well if you manage to bump across any.

  1. Tip each mover the appropriate amount

Don’t forget to tip. Tipping is a customary yet unwritten law and it is good practice to tip your movers from the moving company the necessary amount. If you are satisfied with the job the movers have done, then why not appreciate them with tips? It’s only a small amount after all.