The Best Activities That A Typical Summer Camp Entails

July 7, 2016 0

When school finally lets out for summer, kids of all ages start clamoring to go to summer camp. In this day and age, there are so many niche activity or sport camps, but there are certain subjects and activities that every classic summer camp ought to offer. Between water sports, team sports, outdoor activities, and arts and crafts, here are a few activities that you should ensure a camp offers before placing your deposit.

Water Sports

Most traditional camps have access to a river, a lake, or some other body of water, and this gives kids the opportunity to engage in water-based sports and activities. Swimming is a pursuit that is not only fun and endlessly entertaining, but an important skill for an adult to acquire. Sailing, canoeing and kayaking all allow kids access to boats and teach them about currents, reading the wind, and working together as part of a team.

Team Sports

Many kids go to camp specifically so that they can participate in competitive sporting events with their new friends and counselors. Baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and volleyball are all safe and fun sports that are cheap for camps to implement and can occupy children for hours. Kids who play on these teams are able to learn the value of hard work and practice, participate in physical activity, and hone their competitive nature for later life events. Team sports are an important rite of passage for any active kid — they should be offered by any well-run camp.

Outdoor Activities

What’s the point of spending the summer at camp without properly experiencing the great Canadian outdoors? Time spent outside can be spent participating in a number of solitary pursuits: fishing is an excellent activity to calm the mind (and maybe fill the stomach,) whereas mountain biking and rock climbing are excellent for kids who are more adventurous-minded. Archery is a fun activity for those wishing to develop excellent concentration and fine motor skills through repetition, and it can be surprisingly relaxing.

Arts and Crafts

Artistic kids need mental stimulation at camp as well, and every camp should have a versatile and ambitious crafts section. Classes in woodworking have the potential to inspire the next generation of craftsmen and artisans, and classes in pottery can help kids fit in who do not excel in or favor outdoor activities and sports.

Whether your child wants to grow up to be the next great tennis star or simply wants to design and build a perfect chair, a good summer camp should have programs to suit both sets of interests. Make sure that the camp you choose has a varied program selection that includes activities from each of these four major groups.