Top 10 Promotional Items

December 28, 2018 0

In the current digital world, it is almost impossible to keep yourself updated with the continuous advancements in technology. Almost every company wants to keep themselves ahead of the game by integrating the latest technology in their products. To help you stand out of the crowd, we have compiled a list of the trendiest promotional products to watch out this year.

Below is an insight of some of the top promotional products in 2018:

1. Premio Click: Remote control camera shutter

Gone are the days when you had to carry big cameras to take a cool photo and preserve your memories. Nowadays, you only need a mobile phone device to take a photo. Even better, the sophisticated technology incorporated in the latest devices has seen mobile devices get a cool alternative. Premio Click is one of the best alternatives to cell phone taking in 2018. It uses Bluetooth technology to control the shutter of your camera remotely. Many of the resources at Brandability could be useful if you want to learn more.

2. Ninja Loop

Let’s face it; we have all accidentally dropped our phones. When such instances occur, you might end up breaking your phone, which is- in most cases hurtful. However, you can always control such unplanned misfortunes with the help of a phone strap. Ninja Loop is one of the best phone straps this year. This promotional product with help hold on your phone and help prevent dropping your phone.

3. Kronies: Wireless earbuds

Nowadays, you don’t have to put up with the stress of plugs and wires running up from your pockets. Kronies is one of the coolest upgrades that will help you eliminates earphone plugs for good. In fact, with Apple having integrated the technology in their latest Apple device, it is evident that the future of wireless Bluetooth earbuds is already here.

4. Beagle: Bluetooth tracker

From the application above, it is evident that Bluetooth devices are slowly taking root in the current technological advancements. As such, they will need a tracker to monitor and prevent them from getting lost. Beagle is one of the devices that work perfectly on helping individuals track any item with a Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth tracker works perfectly by alerting you when your device is moving away.

5. Strideline: custom socks

If you are a fan of custom items, you will be glad to hear that Strideline offers a unique type of socks. This custom promotional item is specially designed to enhance comfort as well as design. These socks have a patented digital printing that ensures that you always stand out of the crowd.

6. Virtual reality headset

Today, whenever we talk of the current trends, you never miss a spot for the sophisticated technology incorporated in virtual reality devices. Although the technology has not yet gone mainstream, it is necessary to give it a shot.

7. The Rome: Tote bags

Tote bags are one of the trendiest promotional items in 2018. It is mainly due to their ability to be extremely practical. It incorporates a high-end look at an amazing price. What’s more, the product is available in numerous colors to ensure you always get your desired Tote bag.

8. Bella + Black Heather

Typically, humans are always intrigued by something new. It can also be even more overwhelming if is the new introduction is outstanding. Bella and Canvas are the first companies to introduce a Black Heather, the first unique fabric. It has a super soft feel with 100% ring spun cotton.

9. Inflatable branded couch

Technology has made it better for individuals to save time and money. This criterion has seen the introduction of the inflatable branded couch for individuals to enhance their creativity while advertising their brands. The branded sofas can be used in events.

10. Creative spark journal

Journalbooks are one of the most popular journal producers. They have incorporative the latest technology in their products to introduce an amazing creation in a journal. Creative Spark Journal is one of their latest releases that have caught their customers in a storm. The adult coloring book will have you drawing everything on your way. You will love it, trust me!