Top Five Promotional Products to Really Make Your Business Stand Out

October 14, 2018 0

When it comes to making great promotional products, you need to make sure you’re offering clients something they’ll actually be happy to use. You need something that will come in handy when your clients need it most, not only helping them to connect your business with convenience, but also to work as free advertising for your business. Here are the top custom promotional items that can help your business stand out time and time again.

1. Wireless Charger

In today’s world, nothing is more important than making sure you’re able to stay constantly connected. That’s why a great wireless, on-the-go charger is a great option for promotional products. It’s something you can be absolutely sure your client will use, and when they’re in desperate situations and need to quickly get a charge, they’ll pull out your charger and associate you with reliability.

2. Coolers

Connecting your business with the excitement of the summer can be a great marketing strategy. Coolers that your clients can take anywhere from the beach to the park are great custom promotional items that will have them taking a look at your business every time they go out for a fun day away.

3. Fitness/Yoga Mat

If your clientele tends to be on the healthier side, then investing in high quality fitness/yoga mats will be a great choice. It’s a fantastic way to show customers that not only will you take the extra care to make sure they’re getting something amazing from you, but that you’re also invested in their wellbeing. For those of you interested, the Brandability website has more information available.

4. Chapstick

Another way to show your customers you care about their comfort and health is by offering them a promotional product such as customized chapsticks that they can use time and time again. Make sure you invest in a wide range of flavours so that clients can associate you with something they love.

5. Pocket Journal

When your clients find themselves having to make a quick note of something, having your pocket journal easily accessible to them will be a great advantage. Also, you can rest assured knowing that this is something that they’ll not only use everyday, but use around the office and their family and friends. When it comes to promotion, the more you get your name out there, the better.

Promotional products are a great way to get some free advertising when you understand what your clients need. Keep these ideas in mind and help your business to stand apart from the competition today.