Top Four Ways a Real Estate CRM Can Keep Agents In Front Of Their Sphere

November 6, 2018 0

Most real estate agents have a much broader sphere of influence (SOI) then they are aware of. Most commonly, people think of their sphere as family and close friends, but it can also include business associates, professionals, and casual acquaintances. An easy goal to work towards is adding one person to your real estate CRM daily. Categorize them under your SOI and then set up some auto communications. The top four ways to touch base with them using a real estate CRM are:

1. Monthly Newsletters 

Emailing them a relevant piece of news every month is a cost-effective way of staying in front of people, who may not necessarily be ready to make a real estate transaction. The side effect is they will pass your name along to their sphere. Some ways to help remind them to share your contact information with other people is to put it in writing at the bottom of the letter. Keep it simple. The newsletter should be part entertainment, like recipes, and part information, such as household tips.

2. Holiday Greetings 

Another method that can be completely automated with a real estate CRM is sending out holiday messages. It is easy to setup generic greetings if you want the topic to remain neutral. For example, season’s greetings instead of Merry Christmas. The Ixact Real Estate CRM website may provide additional insights if you need more information.

3. Market Updates

Most everyone likes to know what is happening with the value of real estate. An excellent way to capture attention and offer useful information is to send out a quarterly review. The newsletter contains tips and entertainment articles with some real estate facts, but a market update is all business. You may find your clients really enjoy receiving these.

4. Personal News 

This type of bulletin is rare, and it needs to lean towards your personal life. With a CRM, the letter can be constructed with a few photos if applicable and then bulked emailed out to everyone in your SOI category. Not sure what type of personal news to send? Try sending a message out that you will be leaving on vacation, and take the opportunity to let them know you will still be available by email if they need anything or tell them who will be covering for you while you are gone. When you return, drop them a quick note with a photo of you on the trip and let them know you had a great time but are back and ready for business. This will help create a sense of closeness.

Mixing business, entertainment, and sharing personal stories is one easy and effective way to use a real estate CRM to keep in front of spheres.