Why You Should Upgrade Your Food Delivery Bags

July 20, 2017 0

Pizza shops absolutely survive and thrive based on their reputation. No one wants to eat “lousy” pizza. What makes pizza disappointing is not how its cooked, but also the way it is delivered. No, this does not refer only to pizza that is promised in 15 minutes and arrives at the 45-minute mark. Rather, the ruined delivery is the result of the pizza being just a little bit too cold. Pizza parlors really should conduct an audit of the viability of their food delivery bags. If complaints about cold food keep coming in, then something may need to be done about inadequate delivery bags.

Head the Complaints

Pizza parlors and other restaurants are always going to get some level of negative customer feedback. Such is going to be the case with any food service provider. When the same complaint pops up time and time again, managers and owners positively must take heed. Complaints over lukewarm or chilled food are not good signs. Repeat customers stop calling when being served frozen pizza that should not be frozen.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

There are a host of reasons why food ends up being cold when delivered. A number of those reasons may be well outside of the fault of the driver. Exceptionally cold winter weather is one possible cause. In all honesty, solid food and pizza delivery bags are supposed to keep cold weather out. If not, then maybe it is time for a serious upgrade.

Check Out the Pizza Bags

Pizza bags don’t exactly suffer from the same impact that luggage does, but the bags do suffer wear and tear. Even durable pizza bags start to wear down over time. Periodic inspections of the bags would be a very wise move. Small frays and wear and tear make it possible for cold air to get in. Once inside, the cold air does nothing but create problems for the food and the customer. Ultimately, this means problems for the proprietor of the restaurant.

Bags and Branding

Also worth pointing out is the condition of the delivery bags play a role in the perception of the company. A worn out and ratty-looking delivery bag does not exactly help build good impressions. Additionally, pizza bags can be customized with logos and labels. Buying brand new bags and affixing promotional stickers could have a big impact on those watching the delivery.

Ultimately, the bag has to do what is required of it: keep food warm. This should always be the prime reason for replacing older bags.