Why Zero Liquid Discharge Is A Good Idea For Industrial Water Treatment

September 23, 2018 0

Zero liquid discharge is a process by which water is treated and recovered whereas the contaminants of the water are reduced to solid. Most of the water treatment processes try to maximize the amount of freshwater that can be obtained while still minimizing the amount of waste. Zero liquid is more demanding than the other water treatment systems because more resources have to be put in place as well as the challenge that is posed by the level of concentration of the water. Water concentration increases as the water is used more and more and this leads to a rise in the cost of the process. Different technologies are employed in the process of purification due to the different levels of concentration of the water.

1. Easier access to water

The zero liquid discharge process is one that ensures that there is no liquid that is released as waste to the environment. This is achieved by separating the water from the solid contaminants. The water that is derived from this process is fit for use in the company. The water can be recycled and used in other processes of production. The recycling reduces the company’s need to rent or buy a truck that would be used to bring water to the company.

2. Cutting on costs

The zero liquid discharge process is a one of a kind process that is utilized by major firms to reduce their costs. Many big firms have trucks that are mainly used to transport liquid waste from the main site all the way to their specific disposal sites. The use of the zero discharge process ensures that the amount of capital used by the businesses to purchase these trucks can be put to better use.

3. Environmental pollution

The waste water once released into the environment has very adverse effects on the ecosystem. The water is mostly dumped into river bodies. The waste water is usually contaminated and contains harmful chemicals that can cause the death of organisms found in the bodies. The zero liquid discharge process ensures that water is not exposed to the organisms are present in the water bodies. The trucks that are also used in the transportation of the waste water release gases into the atmosphere which affect the ozone layer. The reduction of these trucks can only be to the benefit of the environment as a whole.

4. Valuable resources

The zero liquid discharge process is a one of a kind water treatment system. The process separates the freshwater from the solid waste. The water can be used in the firm or can be treated to be used in other ways to benefit the environment. However, there are valuable resources that can be retrieved from the solid waste that is separated from the water. These resources include ammonium sulfate which is used as a fertilizer in farms as well as sodium chloride which is used in winter as a combatant to ice and snow.